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Now that we have established my obsession with containers, I can post about another! (Yes, you had fair warning!) This one goes out to Mary at South End Blend who also enjoys a container. (Go visit her blog, she totally rocks and makes me look like an amateur. I’m cool with it though, I’m still learning!)

Ok so this one isn’t quite considered a container as they go, (you know, not a hat box, or a bowl, or a Tupperware) but you can put things in it, which means I must have it. đŸ˜‰

This gorgeous felted purse is from Lilith, Dori & Phoebes, three west coast sisters who got it goin’ on. My favs are the purses but they do have other thing as well.

Just look at this purse! Isn’t it just darling? It is! This is the Zen in brown and Aqua

I had such trouble picking a purse to feature, they have so many cool ones! I ended up featuring this one because the colors somewhat match my web design palette which I borrowed from a fellow colourlover. See?

T, till Heaven :)

The colors range from earthy goodness to hip and vibrant. Just because I can’t resist, here’s one called Mildly Wild! This is also fabulous and now you see why I couldn’t pick just one.

Go visit these very talented sisters and take home one of their purses. They’re gonna fly out of that store!

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