sunday on etsy…let’s get the party started!

I don’t mind telling you that this morning’s perusal through Etsy ‘halloween’ items was both delightful and disturbing. In an attempt to un-see some of the things I’ve seen, let’s get our invitations sent out, shall we?

First is this Flying Witch by Cheeky Moppet. (I just love that shop name!)

This Cheeky Moppet has a lovely shop filled with stationary and cards and she welcomes custom orders. She is also a member of the Etsy Mom Team, which I am also a member of. You can read more about her at this blog, and more about Cheeky Moppet’s paper crafts at this blog.

Next I found these blank Halloween Cards by Decadent Designs.

These could easily be personalized by you as invitations and how can you not love a pirate skeleton? It makes me laugh out loud. 🙂 Lynsey’s shop has an array of cards and invitations, but one thing remains constant; they are all flawless in style. You can view pictures of her custom work here.

My last pick for today is Witches and Ghouls from NY Paper Crafter.

This crafter comes from my own area of Hudson Valley, NY. I can imagine how lovely it must be there right about now. *wistful sigh*! In addition to cards there’s a great tag section which you won’t want to miss. You can view the website which has information about the artist as well as great photos. NY Paper Crafter is also participating in Mission Soldier Support. You can learn more about this charitable cause here.

So that’s it for today. Share the spoOoOoOoOoky love!

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