sunday on etsy – with monday!

I was so busy yesterday I never got a chance to sit down and blog! EEK!!! My day certainly didn’t feel right without my Etsy & coffee. I feel like a circus performer who can’t juggle. There are just so many things I want to do in a day and not enough time. I know everyone feels this way on occasion, right?

So let’s shout to juggling!

Deb’s Random Art has this super cute retro Felix the Cat.

He’s doing it, why can’t I?

Zyphlat’s got juggling down to a science with these Flaming Balls of Doom!! That’s right, DOOM!!!

Naturally you’ve got to be an expert to use these. I mean a serious expert. I never thought I’d see anything remotely like this on Etsy, which is why I love it so!! Seeing this just had me cracking up this morning.

And finally, Art by Norm has this precious print called Float.

I’m not a huge fan of clowns, they totally freak me out. BUT! This print is just darling. It makes me want to try juggling bubbles too! You can visit Norm on his blog too, he has got it goin’ on and is full of mischief and whimsy!

Share the love and take some time just for yourself today!

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