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I worked with a gal years ago who had a joie de vivre that was really something to be admired. One of the many things I learned from her was to embrace the things I disliked doing by adding a bit of flair to the whole affair. For instance, whenever I do housework I wear a tiara. Really really!

So I’m shouting out to my friend Stacee who has taught me to let out that inner princess/goddess/diva and embrace her at the silliest of times. I hope you’ll think about doing the same!

Fairy Couture captures my love of fantasy with this Wings of Flight Fairy Crown.

How could you feel anything but spectacular while wearing this? Naturally it’s meant for an occasion, nay an event. But you could wear it anytime, anywhere!

Look at this beautiful Fairy Flower tiara!

To read more about this mother/daughter team visit their website, Fairy Court Creations.

Now if you’re looking for something more traditional, then Anca Pe’elma has just what you need; this stunning Marcasite Headpiece.

Or, you can go for a very formal flowered tiara like this one!

For the full low down on Anca Pe’elma designs, visit their website!

No matter what type of tiara you choose or what occasion it’s for, you can’t help but feel special in something so beautiful.

Share the love with yourself today and embrace the inner beauty of you!

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