surrounded by animals

I realized yesterday that I spend most of my day surrounded by animals. Evidently the stray fur on my curtains, in my coffee, nestled between the keys of my keyboard, and the errant bit that goes down my throat on occasion were not clues enough.

While I was attempting to type an email, This was occurring to the right of my desk:

Chigger gives me the stink eye.

This was going on behind me:

Daisy is too tired to care about email.

This was happening on my desk:

6 enjoys cat TV while Q pretends to be above it all.
Diggity jockeys for position in front of the tv.

At this point I decided to use whatever was to hand to see if I could at least get them to look at me for a decent picture; it happened to be a wooden dowel.  This is what happened:

6 discovers wood is tasty.
Q goes pirate.

And this is to say nothing of what happens outside my window between the raccoons, chipmunks, opossums, squirrels, various neighborhood cats and dogs, and the myriad birds that stop by our feeders.   I think overall I prefer it this way.   I love my animals and the wildlife we are treated to on a daily basis. I wouldn’t trade it for anything!

And  I won’t start to worry until I look out my window and see this:

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