Take a Stitch – Feather Stitch

Week three of TAST is here!

This week I found a lot of inspiration but didn’t have as much time as I wanted to explore all the different variations of this stitch.

What I’ve done here is very traditional feather stitch, but I did try overlapping them, which went against my nature. lol

Seaweed Feather Stitches

I did experiment slightly with the shape a bit here and there, but over all it was a very tame stitching session!

I like how this side turned out!

Sometimes less is more and that might be the case with this particular design.  The right side is much neater and cleaner than the left.

Below you can see that I’ve used the feather stitch as a filler for her tail.  This close-knit stitching reminds me of scales and even chain mail, which may come in handy to know in the future. šŸ™‚

Well Dressed Mermaid

I sketched this figure ages ago, not knowing what to do with her.  She’s now a permanent part of my TAST 2012 journal.. Well Dressed Mermaid shows off the feather stitch.

One of my favorite feather stitches from TAST is this one by Smallest Forest.  There are way more variations than I imagined and they’re all well done.  I especially love the Spanish knotted & the ribbed.  It wasn’t until I saw a photo without the ID circles that I realized it spells Feather. šŸ˜‰

Thanks for visiting and checking out my stitches.  Please leave a link to your own TAST so I can stop by and see what you’ve done.   ā™„

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