The Not So Crafty Craft Fair

So the craft fair wasn’t quite as successful as we had hoped. We did sell a couple of items though so it was some kind of success. lol.   We said goodbye to a couple of amigurumis and a set of fridge magnets.
Yep magnets. (Didn’t know I made those did you.)

The fair itself was more of a local flea market and thus a little disappointing. There were some vendors selling clearly handmade things, though they didn’t fare much better than I did. Still, it was a good experience.  My poor MIL didn’t sell a single American Girl dress, which she worked so hard on. Her shop, Seams Dressy, will be filling up with lots of clothes in the coming weeks, so please stop by and have a peek.

Now that the fair is over I can stop crocheting every minute of every day and get back to embroidery and making patterns. Yay! Here’s a sneak peek of what I’m working on…

Fishy fishy

I’m also doing a 100% handmade Christmas this year, so I’ve got a ton of things lined up that need to be made.

Most everyone is getting some form of amigurumi (yep.. I’ve gotten silly about the whole thing! They are so much fun to make!);  Mario brothers characters, a goblin, a robot, and even a badger are on the list.  For my MIL I’ll be making some embroidered Christmas tree ornaments for her new skinny tree.

My husband is getting dysmorphic wool socks. I bought the yarn at Jojo’s (Joanns) and can’t wait to finish them…the feel of the wool on my hands is just awful and it leaves me mega itchy. It may say it has natural lanolin oil on the label, but I sure can’t feel it. 🙁    I wonder if alpaca may have been a better way to go.  Perhaps I should make these huge and felt them? Maybe his feet aren’t as sensitive as my hands? Maybe I should just buy him socks? lol. So many options. 😉

This week the newsletter is going out come hell or high water, so anyone looking for news about what’s coming for the holidays, plans for the coming new year, and a free embroidery pattern (or two!) should sign up on the right. 🙂

Until next time!

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