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There is an image in my head of a kitchen. It’s not my kitchen; mine is actually not considered a kitchen. It’s sort of tucked into a corner and trying to be a kitchen. It fails most of the time.

I remember my Aunt Roses kitchen. What Sicilian doesn’t have an Aunt Rose? ๐Ÿ™‚ She had a gorgeous sapphire blue Italian tile floor. They were small ones, maybe 3 inch square. And she had pipes running through underneath so the tiles were never cold in the winter. My Aunt Rose was one super classy lady, and she had an eye for style and flawless taste. She died last year and I’ve been missing her a lot lately. So, today I’m thinking of her, and I’m sharing a few things that I know she would have loved to have in her kitchen.

The first shop to catch my eye is Miss Natalie. She has this beautiful tea towel!

This is just the kind of thing I would have found in Roses kitchen, neatly folded over the oven handle. Not only do I love the tea towel, I love the composition of her photo… it’s a lovely still life.

Natalie is very talented and has an array of items in her shop. You can also visit her at her blog or her website.

Then there’s Blue Sky Pottery and this hand made french butter keeper.

This is the kind of thing Aunt Rose would have on her counter, tucked into a little corner, but very much well loved and well used.

Deb makes awesome pottery and features everything you could possibly need for your kitchen. She even has a jewelry section!!

Last I found Revo, Revolutionary Design Studio. He has the most flawless blown glass pear I’ve ever seen. Look!

This beautiful glass pear would have been in her kitchen window, which looked out over her back yard. I can only imagine how lovely the sun would look shining in through this sculpture.

Anthony’s work can be seen in over a hundred galleries nationwide. You can visit his website for more information on his art.

Well, those are my pics for today and I hope you enjoyed them. Now go share the love! ๐Ÿ˜€

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