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Let’s cut right to the chase. No nonsense from me today because what I found is totally Bad Ass! That is, Bad Ass Custom Decals! And you thought I was being cheeky!

Straight from Florida, David and Alicia at Bad Ass (ok, so I like saying it) have been designing decals for a few years now and it shows. (Yes, in a good way!) There are so many designs I like but I tried to pick three to give you a good idea of the array of possibilities.

First is a kitty, because I love kitties!

I love the whimsy of this, and if you check out the listing you’ll see that it’s available in 26 colors. Yes, 26! Which means it can match virtually any decor. I think it would be cool in a kids room. 🙂

Next is an Arizona themed decal:

Now imagine this type of decal customized just for you. Poems, famous quotes, your own writing.. anything(!) can be made into a decal. How utterly cool is that!?

Finally, here is a very cool idea which I especially love because it’s a tree.

I have a serious fascination with trees. I’m kind of agog at the moment just browsing through this shop thinking about all the amazing things I could do with these decals were I not in a rental home. Not to mention that they must have access to an endless amount of fashionable homes to show their work off in. Not only was I drooling over the decals I was drooling over the interior decor. 🙂

So, visit Alicia and David and get something bad ass for yourself!!

***Alicia and David are offering a 15% discount to my readers! Yes! That’s right! 15% off a purchase at their shop if you say you came from Grandia Road. So now we know they are just as bad ass as their products 🙂 ***

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