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Artichokes! Yes! Have you ever had one? I am always running across people who have never had an artichoke and I am shocked and horrified. I thought everyone grew up eating artichokes! Apparently not so. Well, they have been missing something yummy not to mention an exciting experience that rivals the eating of Fugu!

Well, ok. I exaggerate. Artichokes aren’t toxic in any way, but the choke can sure be unpleasant. It’s called a choke for a reason!

So I grew up eating artichokes and have carried a love of them right into my mature years. *cough* *cough* What? >.>

So in the spirit of my favorite thistle (check out the wiki I linked above) I searched for artichoke things on Etsy today. And, I found some!

First, from Enfin, La Voilia! is a beautiful image of an artichoke on personalized note cards.

Straight from Belgium, Marijke makes gorgeous cards of every kind. She’s been a graphic designer for over 15 years. Her artwork has a wonderful sense of whimsy and yet her style reminds me of vintage drawings. I would be hard pressed to pick another favorite.. they are all so lovely. These cards would be fabulous for anyone but I can see these in the hands of a foodie sending out invitations or thank yous!Please check out her shop.. you won’t be disappointed!

Next up is a tote bag (I know, another bag, I can’t help myself!!) from La Lune Designs. It’s called Pasta Tote.

See? It was totally worth my posting another bag. This is the kind of bag you take shopping with you down to the Fresh Market to pick up your fresh fruits and veggies! You would be so incredibly chic. You could hold your head high knowing how you’ll answer the “paper or plastic” question.

La Lune Designs is full of fabulous baby items as well, all made by a crafty mom who decided she couldn’t find what she wanted and decided to just make her own. You must admire that quality in a person. And the talent.

So, two items today because I simply love artichokes. If you have never had one, I urge you to get one at the market and cook it up. You will be pleasantly surprised. It is worth the every ounce of effort you put into it.

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