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Remember when I said I could sort of crochet? Ha! I have just found out that I did not even know the meaning of the word. That is not usually the case by the way. I always thought I had a relatively good vocabulary. Truly! I play scrabble (I once got a double triple score with Jonquils!) and can do the New York Times crossword puzzle! (Ok, not in pen, but still!)

I did a post a few days back about a Cape Cod sign. And I got to thinking again about how much I love the Cape and how much I miss visiting. I know it’s all changed and grown and probably nothing at all like I remember, except in the wild bits like the beaches way out in Truro. Or maybe it isn’t “way out in Truro” anymore at all.

So, with Cape Cod on the brain I searched Etsy today and found Annie Briggs, who resides on the Cape. She has a very happening shop on Etsy. She also has a lovely website chock full of information. It was here that I read her Bio and suffice to say that I felt a kind of kinship with her.

So today’s blog is about Annie’s items, which she lovingly makes by hand and are probably the most stunning representation of crocheting I have ever seen. Like, ever.

First is her Shimmering Cotton Tunic which whispers romance and femininity.

After goggling at this for about three minutes, I then proceeded to find her Cropped Jacket, which is smart and flirty and perfect with just about anything.

Remarkable, no? There is a level of professionalism here that I don’t feel I can articulate properly. As silly as it sounds when I say I can only make blankets that don’t require any pattern because the patterns read like Greek, it really is true. I believe this level of craftsmanship is amazing.

I hope you will at least stop by Annie’s Etsy shop or her website and let her know how completely out of this world she is.

Go now! Spread the love! She is inspiring.

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