thursday on etsy

It’s a beautiful day here in the South. We have the windows open and the cats are all watching “outside tv”. The birds are chirping and spring has for sure sprung. Yet oddly, I find myself wishing it was autumn again. I know! I’m completely doodly jacked aren’t I. So with this in mind I pounced along on Etsy and Manitoba Gifts, undeservedly undiscovered, caught my eye.

My favorite item among the many is the Pouch Bag in Pumpkin:

And since I have got into the habit of showing two pics.. (oo! more eye candy) here’s a close-up:

I just love these colors! Look at the beautiful embroidery and hand crochet! My mom was adept at these things, crocheting with thread and quilling paper and all manner of clever, crafty things. I was always amazed and this bag reminds me of her.

So not only do I get gorgeous eye candy from this bag, I get fond memories of my mom as well!

Click on over to Manitoba Gifts and look at the gorgeous pillows, pin-cushions, and even the hand applique tea towels! All of them gorgeous. And as yet undiscovered. How is that possible?

Go now! Go! You won’t regret the looking 😀

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