thursday on etsy comes with a meow

Those of you who follow me or anyone who reads the comments on my posts will see that I was tagged by Marcy at Studio Marcy. It seems a bit like a chain letter though perhaps friendlier because you share something of yourself in the process. So I will be responding to that tag over at 17 Grandia sometime later today and will link to it here. After all, this page is about you not me!

What would Halloween be without black cats? I have four cats, though not one of them is black. Etsy is a fine place to find black cats, it’s obvious I’m not the only one who digs them. Check out what I found…

Zombie Kitty Mary Janes by Em And Sprout made me laugh out loud, so they get first spot today.

Seriously, when I saw these I laughed right out loud and immediately wanted them. Lindsay’s shop is filled with similarly whimsical shoes in sizes 5 to 11. Em and Sprout are Lindsay’s cats. That is kitty love for you! You can also see more of her designs over at her blog. I think my second favorite shoes are these, and I know my daughter would love to run around in them; she’d probably try to scare the cats. lol!

My next favorite for today is Penelope by Fall Down Tree.

Penelope’s expression charmed me and I bet she has the same effect on you! Adam has amazing artwork that leaves me smiling with it’s quirkiness and loving every piece. I tore myself away to see his blog, and encourage you to do the same. You can also visit him here, for amazing photography.

Last I picked Witch Cat by Paper Mathew.

I love the attitude on this cat! This particular piece is a print of his original artwork. It’s made of paper! Well, of course the print is made of paper ( O.o) but so is the artwork! Yes, quite impressive isn’t it. And unique! There weren’t any sculptures in his shop but I wanted to see what else I could find. Google awarded me with a link to a site with photos of his sculptures. Definitely worth a look! The crow is my favorite. (What a shock, I know!) Hopefully he will post more information so we can learn more about him and his artwork.

Go out and share the love!

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