thursday on etsy .. in disguise

Wow! Costumes a plenty on Etsy today! So many wonders to choose from. I’m not mincing words today.. let’s just get to the eye candy. 🙂

The first costume is The Rose Faerie Queene by Fairy Nana.

Positively enchanting. And made with top quality materials including Dupioni silk. The Fairy Nana has got it going on for sure.. one seriously hip grandma! Imagine having a maid of honor wearing this! Talk about fairy tale wedding! There are many other amazing costumes at her shop, oo like this mother and daughter set! Who would not want to wear something so ethereal and fantastic?

Now here’s one for the kiddies! The Little Witch by Yaya Papaya.

I wish I had this for my own daughter… she looks an awful lot like the model! This is just so perfectly adorable. That hat just makes it! There are many, many more to choose from. Yaya Papaya is in the midst of getting these fabulous tutu’s patented! And, more exciting than that, she is gearing up for Christmas! Why didn’t they have this kind of stuff when I was a kid?

My last pick is the Red Vixen by Damsel In This Dress.

Now what I love particularly about this costume is that it’s doing double duty (or even triple if you count weddings!) as a Halloween costume and/or a Ren Faire costume. I love the Ren Faire and if you haven’t been to one you should really go. What a blast! There are a lot of wonderful offerings in the shop of this very talented damsel, even something for the pirate in you!

Once again Etsians come through for me with high quality and an originality that you just cannot find in mass produced stores! So as you’re getting ready for your costume party this year, take a peek at Etsy and be inspired, or better yet.. buy something handmade!

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