thursday on etsy, let’s bag it.

I’m thrilled that the autumn theme is still going strong and that the Etsy community has put forth such a tremendous effort towards this season. πŸ™‚

Today I’m showing off bags. No, not the ones under my eyes! Though they are pretty darn spectacular. (chuckles) I was thinking more along the lines of these…

Me and the Autumn Breeze by Carry Me Away..

It is so fashionable these days to carry your own bag into the market. I can remember folks doing that when I was way young and wondering why they wouldn’t just use the free bags that the store gives you. Older and wiser now, I completely get it. I’m glad more people are turning towards this trend, and how can you not with such an awesome bag as this? Kudos to Carry Me Away for photography composition which very surely helped to catch my eye, but didn’t detract in the least from the quality and hipness (yes, I think it’s a word!) of this bag.

Here’s a Woodland Paisly Tote Bag from PhriendlyK8’s Threads.

This is another photo that caught my eye; I just love weathered wood. But, more importantly I love the bag. Look closely at the tree. isn’t that fabric gorgeous? It is! Now PhriendlyK8 has a host of other products in her shop.. she does flawless applique work. One of my favorites is this, and I always love to find a gnome where I least expect it! (Mwahaha.. you’ll have to click to see them. It’s all part of sharing the love you know.)

And then there is an Autumn Goodness Granny Bag by Pink Lady Designs.

(Have I mentioned I also love distressed shabby chic style old painted wood as well? lol) I love the color combination in this bag; the pink really pops but doesn’t detract from the fall colors. The interior of this bag is just the coolest too.. matching Moda fabric that resembles honeycomb!

Now, Pink Lady is pretty cool. Not only is she making excellent quality items for you to purchase, she is also giving one away. Here I go again, lessening my chances of winning something fabulous just so I can share it with you. The things I won’t do! πŸ˜€ To have a chance to win a Zippity Do Dad from Pink Lady, visit her blog and leave a comment in the post. What could be easier?

Go now and share the love. Do it!

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