thursday on etsy – Weird!!

I’m doing it! I’m braving the ‘everything else: weird’ category. Just for you. Right now. Apparently ‘weird’ can mean many things on Etsy from “That’s actually not weird” to “Omg, my eyes!!”

Which do you think I’m going to show you? (My heart says the “OMG!”, but I do want people to come back and visit!)

Here are some not weird items from Etsy.

Starry Eyed Studios, home of Alesha Davies Fowlie. How are these bird magnets weird?

They’re beautiful. I love watercolor paintings.

Here’s some Seaside magnets:

Alesha has a lovely shop filled with her original artwork on magnets and pendants as well. Check out her blog too! Weird? Hardly.

Jacqueline Knits, selling hand knit tea bag totes and fruit jackets. Have a peek:

These jackets keep your fruit from getting bruised. I bet they look lovely in a big fruit bowl too. All your fruit wrapped up warm and snuggly and looking stylish. This is not weird either. I think it’s clever. Since Jacqueline has over a thousand sales (!!) I gather other people agree with me. She’s got beautiful bright colors too. Clever! Not weird.

How about a Travel Sewing Kit?

The second items listed for both Etsy sellers are not listed under weird. I just wanted to show you a second picture. 🙂

But having said that I’m tapped out. lol. The majority of the items I found in weird consist of metaphysical items. That’s not weird, just different. But believe me when I say there is plenty of weird for sale on Etsy. If you’re looking for it.

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