thursday on etsy with trees

I love trees. I have several photos of them in my home, most by photographer Gary Irving. I acquired them back when I worked for the Nature Company. There were several other photographers whose work I wanted to purchase but I never got around to it. Sadly the names of those photographers are lost forever to me as the Nature Company is no more.

So, today’s Etsy find is trees and another stunning item in the glass category. Alan Comacho, of Glass Man Productions, has created this breathtaking piece of heaven entitled Seven Sisters No. 1.

The inspiration for this piece is Big Bear, California and it’s easy for me to see that represented fully in this work. Big Bear is spectacular and I’ve many fond memories of it. I also see a bit of the Craftsman influence, but perhaps that’s because I do love Craftsman so much? 🙂

You can view the Glass Man on Etsy as well as his own website. There are so many beautiful pieces to see, including more trees!

I also have a love of Science Fiction and Fantasy. (Ok, now your’re wondering what tangent I’m going off on, aren’t you? If you’re the Glass Man viewing this.. you know right where I’m going!) I love, love, love this piece too!

I know it isn’t fall related, but I’m sneaking it in for it’s fall colors and well, because I can.. it’s my blog!! >:)

Share the love with the Glass Man today. You can also read his inspiring story and learn how two completely different disciplines come together in his work!

Lots of love,

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