thursday on etsy

Today is a pounce day! I spent quite a lot of time in ‘undiscovered’ but I found something pretty cool in ‘just sold’ to share.

Five Trees makes these ring catchers, which is not something I’ve seen before!

Very clever and a grand choice of colors. Five Trees cites the inspiration for this color combination as the sea coast of Maine. Having been there, I agree 100%! I also love that it wouldn’t scratch the top of my dresser. It’s perfect for those bits of bling you wear every day.

Now hang on to yourself because she also makes critters like Priscilla.

Does that face not just make your heart melt! Each critter has it’s own story too, to help you get to know just who you’re adopting! Here’s a quote about Priscilla:

As her name might suggest, Priscilla is a wee bit prissy. . . not that she would be happy if you described her that way. She hates dirt and puddles and especially then hates cars or buses that move swiftly while hugging the curb on rainy days, splashing anyone standing within three feet of the edge of the sidewalk. Very bad behavior, indeed.

I love the personalization of these cuddlies and naturally admire the ability to create such cuteness.

That’s it for today folks, just the one. Makes it super easy to share the love. 😉

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