Today I want to share thirteen styles of architecture.  Ok, sounds like a big snore if you aren’t a fan of architecture. But! I’m giving it a go with plenty of eye-candy.

I love looking at houses for sale on the internet. It’s one of the things I do when I can’t sleep.  Which is a lot.

**Please note I am not an architect nor am I an expert on architecture!  The following information is gathered from internet resources. I make no claims as to the accuracy of the information. So, don’t cite me as a resource for your school paper! šŸ˜‰

1. American Foursquare:  popular from 1890’s – 1930’s, hallmarked by a boxy design.  Do you enjoy a boxy design? Reminds me of that movie with Dudley Moore where the mental patients were coming up with advertising slogans. The one for Volvo was “they’re boxy, but they’re good”.  lol.

2. Antebellum: Classic style of architecture indigenous to the southern U.S. before the civil war.  (Antebellum comes from the latin ‘ante’ meaning ‘pre-‘ and ‘bellum’ meaning ‘war’.) I’m not generally a fan of columns, but this house is lovely and I don’t mind them a bit. 

3. Carpenter Gothic:  Popular during the late 1800’s and characterized by it’s details made possible by the invention of the scroll saw.  Betcha didn’t know that, am I right? šŸ™‚  The most famous example of this type of architecture is the American Gothic home featured in the painting of the same name by Grant Wood.  I love the pointy windows!

4. American Craftsman/Arts & Crafts:  One of my personal favorites!  This style of architecture was popular during the late 1890’s through the 1930’s.   Craftsman homes feature a lot of natural wood, stained glass, and built-ins. What’s not to love there?  The plans for these types of homes can be seen  in Stickley’s  The Craftsman magazine.

5. Colonial Revival:  Beginning in the late 1800’s. this style brought Americans back to their colonial past around the time of the Revolutionary war.   Can’t say I love this style. It’s the brick though. If the house were white I’d probably be all about it.  Man do I hate brick!

6. English Tudor Revival: Originated in the U.K. in the mid 19th century.  I’m sort of wishy-washy on this style. I can’t decide if I like it or not.  It does remind me of Bree; the fictional city from Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings, as represented in the online mmo Lord of the Rings Online. (Which is free to play now, btw.)

7. Federal:  Popular from the 1780’s to the 1830’s.  Another boxy, but good style! I love the shutters.  A very commanding style.  Glad it’s not brick.

8. French Norman Tudor:  Popular during the 1920’s and 1930’s. The characteristic round tower with the cone roof was meant to resemble the grain silos from the original French Norman style of the Middle Ages.    (Which I did not know!)

9. Gingerbread:  Popularized during the post-civil war era. Hallmarked by copious amounts of detailed wood carving and lattice-work.  I first saw this style in the town of Oak Bluffs, MA in 1987.  I spent the summer living and working on Martha’s Vineyard.  Best. Summer.  Ever.

10. Gothic Revival:  This style originated in England during the 1700’s and popularized in America during the mid 1800’s.  I love the ornate details and most especially the steep roofing. (Makes for interesting spaces on the inside!)  Digging the creepy look too.

11. Queen Anne:  This particular style has a very broad definition but generally has an asymmetrical facade. I love the wrap around porch on this house!!  Is that a widow’s walk there on top?

12. Saltbox:  Another asymmetrical style of architecture. I first saw this style in Massachusetts when my family vacationed on the Cape.  (of Cod.)  Characterized by two stories in front and one in the back.   Again, a bit boxy. But still liking it. šŸ™‚

13. Victorian: Squee! Possibly my all-time favorite style; probably because it encompasses many other styles. One thing I have seen that houses categorized as Victorians all have are the amazing front porches and large rooms. I knew someone once with a Victorian home. The kitchen was so large they had put a couch in it.  Yes, a full sized, three seater!  I love a big kitchen.. after all they are the heart of the house. Why not be comfy?

I hope to someday have a home like one of these, though holding my breath wouldn’t be an option. šŸ˜‰   Do you have a favorite style of architecture?

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  1. Craftsman is my favorite by FAR. I can totally take or leave Tudor and many of the others… Saltbox in the right setting is quite cute.

    Great idea for a post! Happy TT.

  2. #4 & #10 were my favorite ones and, most importantly, styles I could visualize myself living in. Thanks for the list!!


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