Thirteen really cool handmade costumes and/or costume pieces I found on Etsy.    Which is your favorite?  

1.Steampunk Opera Coat by Manic Manx on Etsy.   I really love steampunk!

2.  Absinthe Fairy by Reveries of Solace on Etsy.   If it were practical I would dress like this every day. Seriously.

3. Orange and Black Harlequin  hat by Squeak Designs on Etsy.

4.  Cyberpunk Reaper Dress by Smarmy Clothes on Etsy. (Get ready to reap!)

5. The Jackie by Topsy Turvy Design on Etsy. (Don’t know which is lovelier, the photo or the hat)

6. Blue Peackock Tailed Vixen by Damsel In This Dress on Etsy

7. Dapper Dinosaur by Bang Bang Crash on Etsy.  (Here’s somethin’ for the fellas…)

8.  Little Fox by Little Good All on Etsy.  (And here’s somethin’ for the kiddies…)

9. Ulala Space Channel 5 by  Dame Fatale on Etsy.  This is pretty cool actually.

10.  Batman by Dans 2324 on Etsy.   (And another somethin’ for the fellas…)

11.  Dusty Rose Enchanted Fairy by Meadow Lion 1120 on Etsy (And another somethin’ for the kiddies…)

12.  Red Phoenix Mask by Savage Dryad on Etsy.  This is wicked cool.

13. Where The Wild Things Are Inspired Coat by Fairly Enchanted on Etsy. (Somethin’ for Spot!)

I hope you enjoyed the costumes! Have a spoOoOoOoooOoky Halloween! ♥

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  1. The Dusty Rose Enchanted Fairy picture is amazing, never mind the costume! And I love the Wild Thing dog costume, though my pooch would never speak to me again if I dressed her up, lol.

    Great pix!

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