towards the finish line

We’re so close to being done with our home improvements. It’ll be a total relief when we can sit back and just enjoy it.

Tomorrow we will put on our safari hats, and with machete in hand venture into the depths we call our closet.  God only knows what we’ll find in there.  If it’s interesting I’ll be sure to share.


There is no bread!! Today was mostly about the fish tank getting moved and since that’s the Husband’s domain the flour sat all alone looking sad on the counter. Well, not as sad as I looked not getting any fresh bread.

The cats have been transitioning to a new food which so far has been a very positive thing. They were yakking left and right and now  nary a “hurka hurka” can be heard.   They seem more playful as well. Yay! (If you’re interested, they were eating Science Diet Hairball formula and are slowly moving to Iam’s Multi-cat formula. Oh and  the yakking was NOT hairballs. Nice detail there, huh?)

Here’s my  Q .. ain’t he sweet?

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