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Happy Tuesday!

To date I have 38 blog posts here at Grandia Road. Does that make me an honest to goodness blogger now? I wonder! There were quite a bunch of posts on my previous, yet failed, blogs. There are also one or two posts at 17 Grandia Road as well, though that’s the personal stuff and not as interesting as the eye candy. Still, I think the desire to do it every day and enjoy it makes me a true blue blogger. At last!

Today will be my first foray into featuring an Etsy mini. Remember I told you I figured out how to do that? Not hard at all, just had to use the noggin. ๐Ÿ™‚ (Which believe me, is a lot less intuitive than you would think. I have a 5 year old, after all. Did you know you lose like a gajillion brain cells when you’re pregnant?)

Alright, enough waffle! I found The Starcraft today and fell right in love. You can fall in love too! I present to you, the lost art of Moravian paper star folding.

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First, let me tell you that Frances is a fellow member of the Etsy Mom street team. Go Etsy Moms!! Since she can say it better than I, here is an excerpt from her profile:

Many names have been given to these handmade paper stars, the Moravian Star, Christmas Star, Herrnhut Star, Advent Star, German Star, Froebelโ€™s Star, Ribbon Star, Swedish Star, which have been found in various forms through many cultures worldwide. Folded stars appear to have originated in northern Europe where they were traditionally made with white paper. These crafty works of art are not really origami, but closer to a form of basketry. They are folded from four strips of paper creating a three dimensional, sixteen-pointed star. The stars were originally dipped in paraffin wax and hung outside to decorate evergreen and shrubbery during the holiday season. The intent of dipping these stars in wax was a weather proofing technique to keep the stars from rain and snow damage. Through the years they have become more than just Christmas decorations; each folded paper star is a work of art.

I agree completely that each piece is a work of art. I think my favorite is the jar of tiny constellations, what amazing eye candy! ๐Ÿ˜€

Now, the cool thing about posting this mini is that it will always be here in this post, with each item clickable and taking you directly to the item in the shop. Also, it will change as the shop changes! *gets down with her bad self* Enjoy! See you tomorrow ๐Ÿ˜€

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