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Ah, Tuesday. Hopefully we all got over that Monday hump in tact, yes? πŸ˜‰

I am a big fan of sterling silver jewelry. It’s all I wear. I am always on the search for a bangle bracelet that is pretty, but sturdy. When you have a five year old, jewelry has gotta be sturdy. Well, everything has to be sturdy. Kids are chaotic and not too well coordinated and they tend to break things. It’s true!

So I found this bracelet at A Blond And A Torch! which is The Fastest Torch In Texas. No fooling! It’s trademarked!

Flowers and Swirls! Isn’t it dreamy? I love spirals and flowers so this bracelet is just all around a good match for me. Ok, who’s buying it for me? πŸ˜€

I like the aged look, with it’s heirloom quality. What is it with me and heirloom lately? I dunno! I’m even starting to make some jewelry that looks all vintage and brassy/bronze. But that’s about me and this is about Jen Nixon from Texas. Jen has got it covered. You can find her at Etsy in her other shop which if full of beautiful jewelry. You can find her at Blogspot where she will keep you up to date about her torch and it’s goings on.

Off on a tangent, I have always wondered how people can stand to work with metal. I used to live in Costa Mesa, CA and there was a metal findings factory or some such down on 17th street near Newport Heights. Whenever I got within a quarter mile of that place the smell was unbelievable and I just had to hold my breath and floor it. I suppose that if you love what you’re doing, the smell of hot metal is something you also come to love. Or maybe just come to ignore. lol.

In any case, I’m glad she’s able to work with metal because this bracelet is just so beautiful. Ooo and she also makes it shiny! See?

And there are many more offerings from rings to earrings and it’s all super A+ quality and lovely to boot.

Git along little dogies! The shop’s waitin’ for ya!

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