tuesday on etsy

What started out as a lazy morning got busy fast and I am only just getting a chance to sit down! Of course that’s good news, don’t ya know.

I love the color green. It might actually be the one thing that keeps me from going nuts here in the south, because in spring and summer everything is green and winter is short.

In the spirit of green and nature too I found this pendant from Diffraction to share with you.

I looked at this for a while and wondered how she was able to fix that leaf so it would last long enough to be jewelry and even be sturdy enough. Well, that shows you how well I do when presented with something outside the box as it were.

It’s a photograph. Totally awesome use of the noggin to be able to take such a lovely picture and make it into something you can wear!

This is a new shop and as yet “undiscovered” in Etsy terminology. I don’t think it will be long if Diffraction keeps turning out lovely bits of art like this! Oh, and by the way, there’s matching earrings!

Just beautiful! I am looking forward to fall.. imagine the colors she will have then!

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