tuesday on etsy

Today was another busy day. I didn’t get a chance to do any designing for Etsy, but I at least thought about it. The Husband has been trying to get things organized for Luna and the move to eBay with that.

I did still find some time to pounce around on Etsy and get my daily dose of eye candy! And look at the gem I found! This is from Jolie Papier which has some very lovely items for sale. I love paper and am totally jealous of this clever and crafty chick!

I love the tags she has and did you know there’s just a ton of things you can do with them? You can add them to scrapbook pages, add a bit of elegance to a gift, use them as fancy place markers for a dinner, use them as name tags in a photo album, hang them from a bulletin board to give it some oomph, gather up several styles and frame them as a beautiful picture, hang them from a picture frame corner to add a bit of interest, etc etc I could go on!

And to prove that this girl is crafty, she has a second Etsy site! And as long as I’m plugging, let’s not forget her blog.

Ok, one more pic I couldn’t resist.. she does cards too!

I just love cats! I have four and this reminds me of them. They are always hanging out together and I like to think they’re happy. lol. Who knows? Maybe they’re plotting my death.

I’ll be posting some pics of them over on the family life page. The Husband got some good ones this past weekend.

Better dash, it’s almost time for wednesday!

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