tuesday on etsy and I’ve got jack!

O’-lantern that is! ha! Here comes some educational content.. buckle up!

Jack-o’-lantern (Jack of the lantern) is synonymous with ‘will o’ the wisp’, which refers to wisp, a bundle of sticks or paper sometimes used as a torch, and will-o’ (“Will of”). All are named after the phenomenon of strange lights flickering over peat bogs, called ignis fatuus. What? Is that’s Latin!? Yes! And here is the etymology of ignis fatuus: Medieval Latin : Latin ignis, fire + Latin fatuus, foolish.

So what does all this mean? It means today I’m featuring Jack-o’-lanterns! And ya learned something in the bargain! I was quite sneaky about that wasn’t I. *smug* 😀

Let’s begin with this very chic Jack-0′-lantern pendant from Art Under Glass.

This pendant leans more towards sophistication and is double sided.
The back side looks like this:

This pendant is especially appealing to me because of the back; it lends itself to thoroughness and a complete and finished product. Art Under Glass has more to offer at her Natural Wood Art Jewelry Shop, and the new Ice Art Jewelry Shop.

Next up is something for the kiddies! An I Spy Pumpkin from Those Greathouse Women.

The eyes are pouches that contain small items. You and your tiny tot can squish those eyes around and play I Spy together. Too, too clever!

Here’s a snap of the back:

I love that the list is sewn right onto the toy! The Four Greathouse Women are actually comprised of four generations and you can learn more about them and their goings on at this blog and this blog.

Last I found these Glitzy Halloween Tags by Dixie Creations.

Yes, I know I just did tags yesterday, but these are so wonderful! I couldn’t resist. I know that Halloween is a holiday that will leave many memories and pictures behind and these would be fabulous in your scrapbook!
Dixie Creations is filled with original designs that I found completely delightful!

I have such a hard time when I write this blog because I want to purchase everything I write about! Truly! I am forever wishing I was more crafty so I could put to good use the amazing things I find. I will just have to live vicariously through those who do I suppose!

Here’s to clever crafty women and the art they make. Share the love with all your little pumpkins today!

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