tuesday on etsy calls for an apron

One of the things I love about fall is the fruit. Just last week I received a gift of a box of pears from Harry & David. Pears are my fav! Sadly, this particular batch of pears was mealy. *GASP* Harry and David are known for their quality and also their customer service. So while I wait for my replacement pears, I decided I should make something baked to try to save the pears. A cobbler perhaps? A pie? Maybe a tart. While I decide about that…

I do love to bake, and if you’re going to bake you really should have the proper accessories. Yes? Yes. So today I’m featuring aprons with a fall theme.

First up has my second favorite fruit. I love this apron right down to the rickrack and apple buttons.

Johnny Appleseed by Tallulah Sophie.

Tallulah Sophie styles herself as “Shabby Retro Vintage” with a twist of “Funk” and I agree completely. Super fun items in her shop. Here’s a preview of a fabulous item for the end of the year. More info is available at the Tallulah Sophie website.

Next is this Harvest Apron by Handmade Crafter. This is from a male owned shop. Yep, male owned. Don’t ya love a guy that makes stuff with his hands? And look at the fun and flirty thing this one made….

Look at the adorable tie in the back!

This style of apron really hits the mark with me. Perhaps it’s because I’m old fashioned and have fond memories of tv shows where the women always dressed flawlessly and wore aprons and cooked and baked til the cows came home. (As I sit here in front of the computer in my jammies.. lol) I’m surely romanticizing the era, but that doesn’t detract in the least from my liking a good apron. So check out this guy owned shop and see what other goodies he has in store for you!

And last, but surely not least, is my fun pick for today… apron themed and all! I cannot stand how cute this is.. seriously. I think my head may explode.

Ginkgo and her autumn apron.. by Blueberry Bandit.

Sara at Blueberry Bandit has a shop full of brain exploding cuteness and Ginkgo is just the top of the iceberg. Seriously! She has these which I wish I had on my desk right now along with Apple, who I wish I’d seen so I could have included her in my scarf post. But that’s ok, I found her now and she is officially in my favs and on my blog reading list. If you’d like to add her yourself, visit her at the Blueberry Bandit blog.

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