tuesday on etsy…is creepy crawly!

Who loves a spider? Not me, that’s for sure. In fact, Burries (the husband) stumbled on a horribly creepy yet hypnotic website that has a spider on it. Even I was mesmerized. Visit that site here. Be warned.. you will probably get ‘the huzz’ and freak out!

Let’s see what creepy crawly spidery things we can find on Etsy, shall we?

Spider by Found Object Art doesn’t give me the creeps at all!

Steve Anderson (go Etsy men!) has made this versatile spider to sit on a table, hang on a wall, grace a garden, or any other place you can imagine. After all.. if it gets rusty, it’s just that much more beautiful!

I’ve always been fascinated by metal art. I think it’s awesome that metal scraps can be make into something else, though I’m sure it takes a very clever brain indeed to find out just what. Steve’s been welding since the 70’s and is even working on getting his own forge. Click here to see what happens when lawn clippers go bad. LOL! You go Steve!!

Along Came An Arachnid by Beads In The Belfry is my second distinctly non-creepy spider.

Nina Jackson is the artist who made these lovely earrings from sterling silver. Another person clever with metal. Because the close-up doesn’t really do these justice, look how delicate they really are!

Just like sparkly little spiders dangling from their webs. Fantastic! Nina has a gorgeous selection of unique and whimsical designs. She blogs here, and has been featured in DIY City Mag’s DC Issue!

At last, I’m going to show you a super creepy spider. Remember that spider from up top there? That one that gave us all the huzz? This one will send us all to that fine little state of catatonia!

Spookyrumpus Scary Harry by Felt At Home is so darn cute my brain might just do that exploding thing!

SEE!? You thought I was kidding. That’ll learn ya! He’s so sweet and he’s got that googally moogally feeling to him. Wanna see what he looks like on?

EEEK! lol. Phillipa has a plethora of amazing felted goodies including the most amazing purses! After much consideration I think I like this one best, but it was very hard to choose! You can learn more about Phillipa at her blog, or her myspace page.

Not so spooky after all, but wonderful picks just the same. Wait, what’s that tickling your leg!?!??!!

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