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Aprons. Do you remember a time when it was practically unheard of to not wear an apron? My mom didn’t wear aprons, unless it was Thanksgiving and then only because she made us matching Colonial outfits. (I know!) But I grew up watching I Love Lucy (didn’t we all?) and even now I still catch an episode here and there, and I wonder how much of what she wore reflected the actual average person. Did women dress like that all the time? Did they put on their aprons in the morning when making breakfast? Did they make breakfast all dressed and pretty?

I don’t know about you, but half the time I shuffle out of the bedroom with bed head in search of a cup of coffee. I think maybe that’s why I like to think that back ‘in the day’ women were much classier and took care of their appearance all the time and wore aprons that made them look so feminine and beautiful and strong and not at all subservient.

So today is about aprons, and a tribute to women of simpler times who I really wish in my heart were as lovely as they seemed.

Chic to Chic (fab name!) is making aprons fun and flirty. She says so right in her shop announcement, and I believe her. Check this out.. she calls it Tangerine Dream.

I love the vintage style fabric and the colors. Each of her aprons is named after a film, which hopefully inspires you to spend time with family and friends.

Sue at Giabella Designs finds time between work and being a mom to make these lovely aprons. The Park Slope vintage style apron is my favorite. I love the color combination, and the panel in the center really pops!

Lastly, Indulge.. in something Chic is trying to bring out the domestic goddess in us all, and with aprons like these she just may do it. I particularly like this French Chef’s apron because it’s child-sized!

My daughter has an apron and chef’s hat but they’re pretty plain fare compared to this. I love the French style and all the details. She also has them in matching adult sizes. How cute is that?

With the Indie scene being what it is today and with a refocus on hand crafting I hope we can all being to appreciate once again the simpler life; the quiet moments where we find quality matters, and that making things with your own hands gives you a sense of pride and accomplishment.

I know I love that silly Frankendog no matter how dumb he looks! 😀
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