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Last night I was Stumbling around the internet and came across a site called Browser Shots. It lets you take a snap shot of any website you want and it shows you what it looks like in like a gazillion browsers. I only use Firefox and so was intrigued to see what Grandia looked like to other people. Well, it’s a good darn thing I did! I had absolutely no idea that my title bar had a block for ads in it, nor did I realize there were ads below the title bar! (Hip hip huzzah for adblock)

I know it must seem weird that I don’t want ads on my blog. Everyone’s doing it, everyone wants to make money. This site, however, is about featuring Etsians and their hand crafted items, not some random google silliness. That’s for some other site!

So we are now ad free here at Grandia Road! YAY!!

On with the shout outs!

Junque Revival has amazing found object art, like the Yellow Sands

and Wicked Creature

You can visit Jessica at her blog Sweetpeas.

Battlemaiden Studio has beautiful watercolor artwork. I just love the fantasy genre. My favorite is Faerie of Autumn

There are also beautiful zodiac related items, like Leo the Lion.

You can visit Valerie at the Battlemaiden Studio Blog , where you can also learn about all the other places she lives on the web!

Imogene And Annie has lovely nouveau jewelry like these earrings.

This Tree is my favorite.

Imogene and Annie also has a shop called Vintage Bead Boutique , which I just go nuts over! And visit Annie’s blog, Imogene.

Jellybeans! This art is so pretty in it’s simplicity. (Which does not necessarily mean easy!) I love Pink Inspiration.

And I also love Apple Tree.

You can visit Angie at her JellyBeans Art blog or at her online portfolio.

Go and share the love today! 😀

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