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Ok. I am putting out a call to arms! Or necks as it were.

Every day when I pounce through undiscovered I come across someone that I blogged about on June 6. He’s still undiscovered and every time I see him in the pounce list it just frustrates me to no end!

So! I’m making it my goal today to get this man a sale!

Check out David’s Knits. He’s having a sale and you can save $10 off any scarf in his shop. I know how exciting the first sale is! If I didn’t live in the south and actually ever left my house I would buy one. Really really.

He is knitting his heart out! See?

Cherries Jubilee!

Gorgeous shades of cherry from the deep burgundy of a bing cherry to the bright pink of the cherry blossoms!

Mother/Daughter Perriwinkle Set!

I love the idea of the matching set for mom’s and kids and I love that he’s started adding bead embellishments! I also love the color. Imagine how soft this scarf must be. It would be like wearing a little bit of the sky!

And my personal favorite La Boheme!

I love the combination of brown and pink and it is so well blended in this scarf with soft taupe and a touch of charcoal. I really really love this scarf!!

He keeps on knitting and has doubled the amount of items in his shop since I last blogged about him and every single item is just flawlessly made. Fall is coming! Share the love with David!! It would be entirely awesome if you all would mention him in your blogs this week to try to help him get a sale. Let’s do it! 😀

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