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Have I told you that I own a life-sized fake raven? Emphasis on fake. It was not ever a real bird. *huzz!* I aptly named him Poe when I was much younger and given to being prosaic. Regardless of his name, he is perched in Milo’s play room right now and the cats love to have a sniff every once in a while.

That leads me to my pick for today. I just love a black bird. From a grackle to a crow to a raven to an actual blackbird. Look what I found in ‘undiscovered’ today.

Bird and Moon Studio has a bird sculpture Napoleon style!

Tere has a studio and is a professional fine art artist. Doesn’t that sound awesome? I’m sure it’s a lot of hard work, but I’m guessing there’s a whole lotta love for it. You can also check out her new blog. I dig this bird’s hat. He is stylin’!

I also love a chickadee. I found this one at Kristen K. Swanson’s shop.

Chickadees remind me of my home in NY and more specifically my mom. My mom was a bird fanatic and had all manner of bird feeders. Of course we lived in the burbs in Westchester and had plenty of woods surrounding us. Birds a plenty there were. Chickadees always stood out to me for some reason, perhaps because they were always prevalent in the winter and I thought of them as Christmas birds.

Kristen certainly does a wonderful job of representing them in her hand-painted, wheel thrown porcelain cup. If you’re curious about what kind of work environment an educator and artisan such as Kristen has, visit her blog and marvel at it, like I did!

My last pick is from Bailey Doesn’t Bark. Good dog! :o) This series is called Look Up Sometimes.

These vintage plates are hand painted with non-toxic paint. Aren’t they lovely? The design of the plate itself becomes a frame for the artwork. I’d be looking up all the time if these were on my wall. Re Jin Lee’s work can also be seen on this website.

Birds a plenty today and much love for original artwork.

Don’t forget to give David’s Knits a visit.. he is still waiting for that first sale!

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