wednesday on etsy

Is it really Wednesday again? The days are becoming a blur! We’ve been so busy trying to run three facets of Luna and keeping up with the cheeky monkey.

Speaking of cheeky monkeys..(I’m a dab hand at segues eh?) here’s the Monkey Travel Club!

Here’s Moose, the monkey purse:

How adorable is this? This one’s for grown ups too! YAY!

Now, if you love a monkey, and many of us do, you can visit the Monkey Travel Club Flickr page to see all the monkeys your heart desires. (Does this little monkey face look familiar to you? From a previous blog post perhaps? Comment on that blog post and you will receive 15% off an item in either of my Etsy shops! Please convo first so I can adjust the price.)

Now, not only is there this fabulous talent for monkey making, this clever crafter is also Isew on Etsy which has beautiful handbags, quilts, and even faboo baby bibs. You can also get more in depth with Isew on blogspot. It’s a beautifully put together blog and it is going on my Sage for Firefox so I can keep up with this talented chick.

Looking for monkey love? Visit The Monkey Travel Club. Looking to save 15% off one of the items in my shop? Comment on the previous blog post that has monkey love and convo me on Etsy with the item name so I can adjust the price!

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