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Hump day! Whee!!

I belong to an Etsy team that I have yet to feature here. I’m terrible!! The team is Etsy Moms and today we’re going to visit Beneath the Rowan Tree. This gal is a serious go-getter. Lori and her husband Andy, work full time, raise their daughter, and still have time to create wonderful things to sell on Etsy. It’s unbelievable really. Which is one of the things I love about the Etsy Mom team. It is brimming with talented and amazing women.

Today I want to show you something that my own little daughter would just love to have. It’s called Hedgehog On My Purse.

Yes! It’s felted and you all know how I have a somewhat scary obsession with anything felted. I want to crochet a square and just throw it in the washer to felt it. What’s it for in the end? I dunno! I just want to felt it!!

Luckily Lori has a vision for her felting and one of them turned out to be this fabulous purse! My daughter has already said she wants one. Of course she has yet to appreciate the felting of all it, but trust me, she will someday get around to that appreciation. I know I did.

Here’s a second look..

How chic and trendy would any little girl be with one of these? Seriously! I’m kind of wishing it was adult sized. Ok, I’m fabricating here with the kind of business. I’m totally wishing it was adult sized!!!

So Lori and Andy and little Rowan are carving their niche in the online world of crafty crafting. You can visit them at their blog as well, where you can learn more about them and their amazingly talented selves. They do all kinds of art, not just felting you know! Oh, you didn’t? That’s because you have yet to visit them!! 😉

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