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The window near my desk looks out on our back porch which is quite large. We have a beat up (beyond Shabby Chic even) red picnic table that is covered in all sorts of flower pots. Most of them are experiments for our 5 year old. On the railing hangs a bird feeder.

I love birds. Another hand-me-down interest genetically programmed by my mom. The neighbors to our left have 5 bird feeders. Yes, five. They even have thistle seed to attract the finches! The neighbors on the right of us (the parents of the neighbors on the left) have 7 bird feeders. *sigh* We hung our feeder so our daughter, (hereafter referred to as Milo, which is what she calls herself. (?) I dunno!) would be able to learn the local bird species and so our cats would have some tv to watch. When we do get a bird they stop and look left, then right, and fly to one of the neighbors offered up to either side of us. *big sigh*

How does one compete with the a dozen other bird feeders in all shapes and sizes offering up specialized seed? For goodness sake it’s like a posh buffet at the Bellagio!

Well guess what! I found a way to compete!! Thanks to Bacon Square Farm the answer to our problems is called the Rustic Saltbox Birdhouse.

We’ve proven that our neighbors can out feed the birds, but can they out house them? I think not! Looking at this birdhouse I am tempted to say “the hell with the birds, when can I move in?” This beautiful bird house was made on their converted farm in Minnesota.

This from Bacon Square:

We’d like to believe we are making heirlooms for future generations that will be handed down for years to come or found by a child playing in grandma’s attic.

I think they are achieving their goal. Just look at this French Cottage:

I think the birds would be fighting to live in these. Perhaps we would have to have applications and check references! 😉

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