wednesday on etsy

I belong to a pretty cool group of folks that sell items on Etsy. They’re called Big Damn Crafters and they are fans of the Sci-Fi series & movie, Firefly & Serenity. I’m a fan myself and I hooked up with these good folks which is awesome. They are talented and helpful and they even set up screenings of Serenity for charity!

I didn’t pounce today, instead I searched ‘teambdc’ on Etsy and picked one of the items that came up in the search results. (Notice I did not pick my own! lol)

So here is my pick for today. Handmade by Lady Artisan it’s called Like A Glove:

Just look at the gorgeous details! What? You want to see more? Of course you do! Here it is!

Lady Artisan is into extreme multi-tasking. She has two other Etsy shops she maintains. One is for dolls & sculpting and the other is in conjunction with other bookbinders. Oh and her own website! I have all I can do to fill just the one shop and keep up with one blog.

So while I am busy ranting and raving about my own problems, Lady Artisan is putting together amazing journals. But let me tell you what is to die for about this particular journal. The leather for the binding was reclaimed from a fabulous pair of kid leather gloves that she found at an estate sale. I mean seriously.. who looks at a pair of gloves and says… “Oo! Binding!” Lady Artisan does, that’s who and that’s what makes her tons more clever than me!

Go visit, buy something pretty for yourself or someone you love so she can keep making beautiful books and rescuing old clothing to boot.

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