wednesday on etsy dedicated to a raven

Ah the raven! I love black birds and have featured them in the past. Today I’m featuring them for Halloween and there are a gazillion of them on Etsy.

Browsing today though, I found a seller that is doing something pretty darn unique. Check out King Raven by Anomalous Bits!

This pendant is made of plastic, but it looks like glass! I just love this guy and he even has matching earrings. See?

Fabulous! There are literally so many designs to choose from I could spend hours trying to decide which one I wanted and in the end would probably wind up getting them all. They’re just so cool. They are priced just right too, and that makes it even easier for me to justify buying at least one! 😉 I’ll be sure to let you know which one it is! (Did I mention she has a gnome?!)

Alistair by Optic Waste is my second pick today.

This silhouette is lovely and old fashioned and reminds me of photos I have of my great grandparents. There’s even personal information about Alistair on the back. 🙂

This delights me to no end! Optic Waste has so many wonderful offerings and you can learn more at the Optic Waste website or blog.

So get out there and share the raven love! 😀

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