wednesday on etsy for keeps…

Keepsakes that is! In lieu of my showing tags for scrapbooks I decided to see what amazing photo albums and scrapbooks I could find for Halloween and let me tell ya, I was not disappointed. Once again I fight with myself to not click on “add to cart”!!

I hope you will have less self control. Yes, less! mwahahaha! >:)

The first album to catch my eye is Batty For You by Faerie Dust Dreams.

You’re probably thinking “that’s a box Starr!” Yes, it is! But check this out!

It opens up to an album! So not only can you enjoy the album you have a lovely box to display. It’s so unique! I am loving this!! Michelle has some other very lovely styles, my favorite being this one. You can read more about Michelle and her lovely crafts at her blog here.

This Happy Halloween Paperbag Album by Brown Paper Packaging is super fabulous..

The embellishments on this album are particularly pretty and quite well placed. Look!

Just look at the detail! Very wonderful stuff! It’s this attention to detail that I love about good crafters and envy like the dickens.

I also like this Goblins Mini by WhatchaMaDoodles.

I love the scalloped edges, such a nice touch! And the interior is lovely in it’s simplicity…

Now WhatchaMaDoodles has fantastic albums in her shop and some pretty and hip items all ready for Christmas! You can visit her at her blog as well.

There were so many lovely albums to choose from I had a super hard time narrowing it down to just three. So I urge you to search on Etsy and look at them all. In fact, click here! (I did it for you!)

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