wednesday on etsy, let’s dish!

Mmm, pear cobbler! Now that I’ve decided on a cobbler to save my Riviera pears, I’m going to need a fabulous dish to put it on. What better than something autumn themed?

I wish I had a full set of these Autumn dishes, by Mary Wibis. They would be perfect in my dining room.

I’m just so fascinated by trees. This plate is almost too pretty to cover with food, even with something as yummy as a pear cobbler. Art by Mary Elizabeth Hining can also be found at her website, and her vector art is available here.

Next I found these cool Rocky Mountain High Aspen bowls by Owl at the Moon.

These hand painted terra cotta bowls are right up my alley. The colors are wonderful and I love the delicate painting inside them. Owl’s Etsy shop is filled with, you guessed it, owls; bowls to T-shirts to graphic arts. Something for everyone in the same folk art style. Simply wonderful!

Today’s fun find is a Three Flowers felted bowl by Julie Persons at Creation Nation.

This wonderful felted bowl is just one of a over a hundred items available at Creation Nation. Be sure to check out her profile to see just how popular her work has become. 🙂

Well I’m off to bake that cobbler. Share the love!

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