wednesday on etsy with chocolate

Good morning!

Can you believe that I have only referred to chocolate once in this blog? I’m shocked and appalled quite frankly. It certainly deserves more of my time, though you know I am inspired by what I find on Etsy.

So, today, chocolate, with a fall twist! Ooo.. don’t you just love a twist? I found Malmsey’s and had to share with you her ultimate eye candy…

Not only are you getting fall flowers, they look like a gorgeous plate of chocolates and are made of glass!

When I was young we spent summers on Cape Cod and we often visited the Sandwich Glass Museum. I believe my mother was just as intrigued by glass as I was at the time. She began collecting Pilgrim Cranberry glass. I’ve since inherited that collection and have over a dozen pieces. But! This is not about me, it’s about Malmsey’s!

There are several places you can find these delectable glass confections made by Hulet Glass. It all begins at their website. You can also view the blog (and even enter the contest to win a free chocolate! I realize this lessens my chance to win, but what can I say? They’re worth sharing!) and even vote for them on Start Up Nation.

Now, to tempt you further I’m going to show you a few more images. With the holidays fast approaching you cannot go wrong with something this special!! Here is your eye candy (literally!)…


Wait, someone already tried this one!

Ohh, ok just one more!

Now, even though I really, really want to win the contest.. visit the blog and give some love. Something this special just has to be shared. 🙂

Have a great day!

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