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Happy hump day! Yesterday I tried my hand at crocheting and felting. Hop over to 17 Grandia to read that exciting blog entry! Part of my foray into that activity included my need to learn to crochet a round. That then led me to find instructions. Ha. Well. I am befuddled by instructions for crocheting. And don’t get me started on knitting. I don’t know how people do it. The M in Law tried to teach me to knit and I nearly poked my own eye out.

So today I am going to give a shout of for the folks that can not only follow a pattern, but those who actually create patterns. My mind boggles. Seriously.

The first great find is Ele at Nutella Dreams. While reading her shop announcement I was pretty sure I was detecting ‘New York’. (If you’re born and raised in NY you kind of develop a NY’ker radar) Sure enough popping over to her profile proved me right! So not only do I get to show you some super cool patterns, I get to give a shout out to a NY’ker. ๐Ÿ˜€

My favorite Ele creation is the Newsboy Hat:

Love the color, love the groovy button. Love that she created this pattern! Hate that I can’t follow a pattern! Grrr! Visit her and check out her other offerings. She’s got hats a plenty and even a cheeseburger!

I next found Mel at Forever T and M. She’s got patterns for the most adorable dolls! I was hard pressed to pick just one, but I finally decided on Tammy the bunny:

I love this bunny. Look at the detail that went into making this pattern. She’s wearing a tiny flower bracelet! Mel is amazed that yarn and a hook can create these little gems. I am too! But more amazed that she created the pattern for it. Check out her shop, it’s full of adorable things that you will want to make!

My last choice for today is Knit Art by Grace. I chose her specifically because she states in her profile:

“Helping a new crafter/beginner with a “simple & easy” patterns is my passion. I love what I do. Hope you’ll enjoy my tutorial.”

I love that she keeps it simple and easy. I fell in love with the Lazy Days bag, which says Easy right in the title!

Not only do I love the bag, I love the colors. I’m also wondering if it might just not be easy enough for me to follow. Check out her shop for both crochet and knit patterns, as well as some finished products.

I envy each and every one of these talented women who can conceive of something and turn it into a pattern for others to follow.

Please note that unless otherwise specified, patterns you purchase on Etsy are for personal use. The patterns cannot be resold nor can you sell the finished products.

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**** Update!

Ele at at thnkdfrent/Nutella Dreams shared some love with me and sent me free patterns for the Newsboy Hat. I can attest to the fact that she is a super gal and her patterns are awesome. Keep watch on 17 Grandia for photos of the hat I make! The Kid is gonna be styling! ๐Ÿ˜€ Super thanks to Ele!

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