Wild Olive Mini Quilt – Week 4

It’s week four of the Wild Olive Summer Stitching Club. I cannot even believe it.  The weeks are flying by!

This week the pattern is a little sun hat.  I chose to stitch it with a split stitch to make it look a bit more like straw. 

A happy sun hat

A proper split stitch actually splits one thread, so this is a modified version using 3 strands of floss.  Thankfully I’m not terribly OCD about how many threads end up on the left as opposed to the right.  I just go along and I think keeping it imperfect adds to to the texture and effect.

Here’s a shot of the first four weeks together:

Mini Quilt Week 4

I’ve already started my quilting class and I can tell I’m going to have to borrow some tools from my MIL in order to finish this project, not to mention doing  a bit of practice on a sewing machine.  My WIPs are building up and thanks to Pinterest they have no hope of slowing down.

Be sure to link to your Wild Olive Summer Stitch Club project in the comments, I’d love to see what you’re doing.

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